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HB880R, astronomic, outdoor, dual bottom outlets

HB880R, astronomic, outdoor, dual bottom outlets
Timer, digital, outdoor

These timers are designed to activate low voltage lighting transformers, lights, motor driven devices, fountains, etc. They calculate the time for dusk and dawn for every day of the year. Devices can be turned on and off at specific times of the day or at sunrise/sunset. Automatically adjusts for daylight savings time.


  • Up to 28 ON/OFF programs
  • Every day, week days only, week ends only, or individual day programming.
  • Astronomic timing feature calculates dusk and dawn for each day of the year.  Can be selected by location (e.g.: California, southern/central/northern.)  Eliminates the need for photo controls
  • Automatically adjusts for daylight savings time.  Can be programmed to make the changes on the desired weeks of the year
  • Large, easy to read liquid crystal display
  • 3-prong grounded male plug for surge resistance
  • Dual timed receptacles go on and off simultaneously.
  • The 270HB880R receptacles are located on the bottom.  It also features a 24 grounded power cord.
  • Manual ON/OFF button for immediate override
  • Digital timing accuracy
  • Battery backup in case of power failure.  Low battery indicator on display.  Replaceable batteries hold the time and program during power failure.
  • Timers can be programmed while unplugged.
  • 270HB880R is for outdoor use, in virtually any weather.
  • CSA Approved under file LR3730, for the USA and Canada.  Specifications UL916 and CSA C22.2, No 177-92
  • Operation instructions in English and Spanish
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Specification paigewire.com/specs/digital_timers.htm
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